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The J C Botha Gem Collection is a culmination of many years of collecting the most beautiful semi precious gems both locally and abroad. The majority of the J C Botha private gem collection has been collected from gems hewn from local sources and are fine examples of what our rich mineral deposits hide within the earth. Amongst the private collection is a giant amethyst which measures approximately 900mm x 550mm and a quartz crystal which measures approximately 1 m in height. Due to the sheer size, weight and value of these 2 pieces, they are held off site and can only be viewed on this website.

Below are some fine examples of the J C Botha Private Gem Collection which will be on display shortly at the Masonic Hotel in Springbok.

1. Mixed Gems including Tiger's Eye & quartz 2. Tiger's Eye 3. Basalt Lava 4.
5. Smithsonite 6. Aragonite 7. Calcite 8. Dioptase
9. 10. 11.Mimetite 12. Lepidolite and Chalcedony
13. Fluorite 14. Calcite 15. 16.
17. 18.Muscovite mica 19.Fern-like dendrites 20.Asbestos
21.Chrysocolla 22. Stilbite 23. Malachite 24. Dolomite
25.Calcite with malachite 26.Amethyst geode 27. Large quartz crystal 28.Smithsonite
29.Amygdaloidal lava 30.Snowflake obsidian (the black and white specimen) 31.Chalcopyrite 32. Blue Lace Agate

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